How to Really get Studying


MIDTERMS, my brain is screaming at my body. But, as I lie in my soft fluffy bed watching YouTube makeup videos, I can’t seem to get myself up and at my desk. After reading a ton of articles about how to get motivated to study I finally dug my way out of layers of blankets and got to work. Instead of you reading a bunch or articles I have made a list and mixed up the best tips I’ve found to help get motivated to study.

师傅领进门,修行在个人 師傅領進門,修行在個人

Teachers open the door, You enter by yourself”

 Prepare your study space

Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. This could be your room, a library, cafe anywhere else that is free from excessive noise and interruptions. Avoid places where you’re likely to run into your friends.

Stock up on study supplies. You know that feeling when you get back from Staples with all your new school supplies and you’re just like YEAH SCHOOL, you want that feeling right now. (And you don’t want to be distracted finding out you need new highlighters but actually going on Sephora to find real highlighters).

Keep a small stash of water and snacks by your side. People are more productive when they’re hydrated and taking steady sips of water will help stave off thirst. Small snacks like peanuts, granola bars or fruit will help keep you energized. Avoid fast food and pastries, These foods will give you a short energy rush that quickly turns into sleepiness.


Remove your distractions. (The hardest part)

Wear comfortable clothing. Little things like having to pull up your jeans can eat away at your concentration. Wear clothes that are familiar, fit loosely, and aren’t too tight on you. Also, if you have long hair, tie it back so it doesn’t get in your face.

PUT YOUR PHONE IN ANOTHER ROOM. as I type this, I can hear my phone ringing and I really want to go downstairs and get it!! But, you don’t want to be taking calls from friends when you’re trying to study.

Turn off your computer. Unless it is absolutely vital to study turn it off.  t’s a minefield of potential distractions. It’s all too easy to tell yourself “I just want to check my e-mail” or “Let me just look at this bit of celebrity gossip.” Before you know it, you’ve wasted a whole hour.

Set study goals

Set concrete goals for your study session. Think in specific, achievable goals instead of generalities. Instead of telling yourself, “I have to get good at math,” think of a specific goal such as, “I will learn how to graph a quadratic equation.” Achieving this goal will make you feel accomplished at the end of your study session.

Reward yourself when you complete a goal. Think of a small way to reward yourself when you’ve met your goal. If you’re in the middle of a study session, you can take a quick walk, eat a granola bar, or listen to a favorite song. If you’ve finished your study session, then feel free to have some fun by playing games, talking to friends, or watching a video.

  • If you decide to reward yourself with a quick break from studying, remember that you will eventually have to get back to work. Set a time limit for your break and don’t listen to the voice in your head saying, “Just a few more minutes.”

Think of what you will achieve by studying. In order to keep up a positive attitude, try to visualize the good things that will come to you by studying. Imagine getting an A on a test,  or receiving praise from your teacher Although studying is sometimes boring and hard, thinking of the end result will keep you pushing ahead.

Hopefully you this inspired you to get up and get studying. good luck!




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