Skincare: Rad and Bad


What would you expect from an ideal skincare product? Most likely, it’d be that it live up to its claims. Doesn’t happen too often though, does it?

The Rad

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse* is definitely one of the most exciting recent releases. I couldn’t wait to try this product. Double cleanse is my jam. Love that this solid cleansing oil and cleansing cream come in one jar. The cleansing oil does a good job at removing makeup while the cleansing balm is light and doesn’t leave any film or residue on the skin AND it’s fragrance free. Love.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream*- lightweight and fast-absorbing night cream that feels SO great on my skin. I usually prefer night treatments that are a bit more thick and heavy, but the Herbal Recovery is great to use when my skin doesn’t feel dry. I think that anyone with normal/combo skin would love this. It’s not rich enough for drier skin types. It does have fragrance, but it’s from essential oils and it’s very soft. Sort of an herbal scent that is very calming and can help you unwind at the and of the day.

I don’t use exfoliants often but once in a while, I’ll reach for one . Right now I’m loving the Gentle Purifying Scrub from Jouviance . It’s gentle, doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance and isn’t harsh on the skin at all.


The “bad”…

So… I should say that it’s not so much “bad” as it is disappointing. There is so much hype surrounding the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Being as dry as I am at the moment, it sounded like something I’d love. Nope. I was only able to use it three times. After using it, I woke up to dry patches on my forehead and cheeks. After giving it the benefit of the doubt, I made the mistake of using it again, and my skin got even more dry and patchy. I had my sister (who has dry skin) use it as well, just because I couldn’t believe that it was this product that dried me out so much. She also wasn’t a fan and said she prefers her usual CeraVe.

Now, I don’t know why my skin didn’t end up loving this product as it is full of great ingredients. I just found that other than the texture, there’s nothing rich about this cream. My skin felt completely matte and dry to touch after using it, but it did feel much smoother. This is why I think that this would work much better for normal skin type definitely not something I’d use as a night treatment. Keep in mind that my skin is extremely dry right now, so maybe that had something to do with it. I love Glossier and this is their first product that left me feeling disappointed.


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