Finally, freshman year is over in exactly 12 hours. Anyways our final assignment is to post our editorial that we had been working on in literature class sooo here it is.

Fidget Spinners

The New Weapon of Mass Distraction


Fidget spinners, the toy that’s in everyone’s hands 一 including mine. These gadgets are a small wireless toy that spins around three bearings and have taken over the world. Despite the claims of these spinners, these toys have prevented children from learning in classrooms all across America, and teachers aren’t having it.

From using the gadget in class, it proved to be addicting. Paying attention became difficult and many people stopped and asked to try.

These gadgets distract not only kids but also teachers. Kansas Spanish teacher Amanda Dickey tweeted, “I will call you ‘Annoying Spinny Thing’ and you will live in my desk drawer”. Though these are meant to be discreet and quiet tools, kids treat them as toys, spinning it against the desk and putting it in friends hair.

Fidget spinners are also a danger to children because the removable bearings are a huge choking hazard. Just a few weeks ago, a 10-year-old girl put the spinner in her mouth and the bearing popped out, landing right in her esophagus, and had to get it surgically removed.  

A clinical psychologist at the University of Central Florida Mark Rapport said, “Using a spinner-like gadget is more likely to serve as a distraction than a benefit for individuals with ADHD”. He says that the fidget cube is better than the spinner because they don’t require visual attention, and are more discreet.

Spinner benefits? Probably…not. Of course, many occupational therapists use sensory toys for children with sensory-processing issues, but “In a 2015 study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology by Mark Rapport looked at 8 to 12-year-olds kids with ADHD. The researchers found that those who participated in gross motor activity 一 meaning the movement of limbs or large parts of the body ― performed better than those who sat still during tasks involving working memory, which is a type of memory used for processing information” said LiveScience magazine, and because these spinners do not require gross body movement and are visually distracting, there really is no benefit.

In order to end the distracting toy trend measures should be taken at schools, such as sending out an email or phone call to families within each district instructing them and their children to stop bringing the toys to school, because the use of them is distracting to the class and the user.

Fidget spinners are a wave of distraction that is taking over classrooms and causing teachers and parents trouble as children beg for more. They should not be seen as tools or helpful because there is no scientific proof that the momentum or movement that they put out has any true benefits to them.

If you actually read that, congrats because I couldn’t. Anywayyyys see ya blog!


RMS Concealer Review


Organic beauty products. A risk. An expensive risk. While I love the idea of natural ingredients, most of the products I’ve tried are overpriced and ineffective, except for this one.  The RMS beauty Un-cover up concealer/foundation ($36) at Sephora claims to be,

“Completely lightweight and hydrating, Un Cover-Up will reveal more youthful and radiant skin while minimizing the appearance of pores. Used as a foundation or a light concealer, it melts into the skin to cover imperfections and redness. The formula provides even coverage that will never look heavy or dry.”

The brand also boasts that they use no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, and that it’s also hypoallergenic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and noncomedogenic. Fancy words make it seem pretty impressive right? Well, it only gets better. As I mentioned before, it’s a multi-tasking, two-in-one product that can be used as a concealer and as a cream foundation.  It comes in a cute little jar (5.7g)  which might not seem like a lot but is normal size for concealer, and will last you for a long time. If you’re going to use it as a foundation, it will, of course, last you shorter, but because it’s such a creamy and good product, you won’t need much.

The un-cover up comes in 7 shades with 000 being the lightest and 55 the darkest. The shade I have is 00 which is the second lightest shade in the range, described as “a light shade for the true snow white’s” . If you have fair skin, you know the struggle of trying to find the perfect color that will match you so kudos to RMS beauty for making the one. 

The application was the thing I struggled the most with. There’s a recommended swirl brush but i decided just to us my own tools and see which one works best. I found that a makeup sponge (beauty blender), buffing brush, or flat foundation brush work best for whole face application. A makeup sponge, concealer brush, or clean fingers work best for the undereye area.  The method that works best for me is to apply a thin layer to my whole face, then add more in needed areas. This product has a pretty, natural finish. After 5 hours of wear my skin begins to get oily so if you’re like me, I’d recommend setting it with powder.

I hope my experience was helpful for you do decide if this is a product you want to spend your money on!

5 Ways to get Energized

blogpicGetting more sleep perhapsshould be, but isn’t a part of this list.

Because let’sface, if you find yourself constantly feeling tired, the answer might be as simple as that: getting more sleep.

I don’t know about you (well…. I probably do..) but I find it really difficult to focus on anything important when I’m low on energy. Take procrastination, as an example. Most of the time when we procrastinate, we blame it on our low energy levels. You feel drained or tired (be it physically or emotionally) and you start putting things off. You look at your tasks, or things you planned on getting done and you think “nope, I think I’ll try this again tomorrow“. And, as you start putting things off and fall into this pattern of procrastination, you feel even worse for not getting anything done. Then, the anxiety and the worry kick in.

BUT, if you have an lots of energy, you won’t be able to use your laziness as an excuse.


We hear that we don’t get enough sleep, all the time, but did you know that getting too much sleep can actually leave you feeling exhausted? It’s argued that ideally, you should get anywhere between 7-8 hours of sleep- anything over 9 hours and you might feel more tired. I personally think that how much sleep you need in order to feel rested, really depends on your lifestyle. I can easily get away with 6 hours of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Anything longer than 9 hours (when I sleep in on occasion) and I have to deal with low energy levels, back aches and migraines.


Hey, it’s totally okay to indulge once in a while, but if you want to feel energized all day long, stick to real food.  Mondays are one of my least favorite days. You know why? Because Sundays were for overindulging with food and drinks. Come Monday morning, I’d feel sleepy and drained. It’s hard to start your week on a positive note, when you feel like crap. Try swapping a few meals for lighter options, like a homemade skinny pizza, a veggie bowl or green tacos. Heavy breakfast can also leave you feeling sluggish, so swap that bacon-egg-and-cheese for something lighter to boost your energy.


This is one of the best ways to instantly lift your mood and feel energized. Listing to music is scientifically proven to be a very effective tool for relieving stress and combating fatigue.


Dehydration can cause poor concentration, tiredness and fatigue, so drink up that water. You can experience noticeable fatigue, even if you’re only one percent below your optimal fluid level, this is why staying hydrated is important. I drink a big glass of water as as soon as I wake up. In winter, I love having warm water with lemon, first thing in the morning.


Don’t let yourself go hungry throughout the day- you’ll be less likely to make poor choices later on (ever went shopping on an empty stomach? Whenever I do this, I always end up buying like… a half of what the grocery store has to offer).


Hope this helps!


Skincare: Rad and Bad


What would you expect from an ideal skincare product? Most likely, it’d be that it live up to its claims. Doesn’t happen too often though, does it?

The Rad

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse* is definitely one of the most exciting recent releases. I couldn’t wait to try this product. Double cleanse is my jam. Love that this solid cleansing oil and cleansing cream come in one jar. The cleansing oil does a good job at removing makeup while the cleansing balm is light and doesn’t leave any film or residue on the skin AND it’s fragrance free. Love.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream*- lightweight and fast-absorbing night cream that feels SO great on my skin. I usually prefer night treatments that are a bit more thick and heavy, but the Herbal Recovery is great to use when my skin doesn’t feel dry. I think that anyone with normal/combo skin would love this. It’s not rich enough for drier skin types. It does have fragrance, but it’s from essential oils and it’s very soft. Sort of an herbal scent that is very calming and can help you unwind at the and of the day.

I don’t use exfoliants often but once in a while, I’ll reach for one . Right now I’m loving the Gentle Purifying Scrub from Jouviance . It’s gentle, doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance and isn’t harsh on the skin at all.


The “bad”…

So… I should say that it’s not so much “bad” as it is disappointing. There is so much hype surrounding the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Being as dry as I am at the moment, it sounded like something I’d love. Nope. I was only able to use it three times. After using it, I woke up to dry patches on my forehead and cheeks. After giving it the benefit of the doubt, I made the mistake of using it again, and my skin got even more dry and patchy. I had my sister (who has dry skin) use it as well, just because I couldn’t believe that it was this product that dried me out so much. She also wasn’t a fan and said she prefers her usual CeraVe.

Now, I don’t know why my skin didn’t end up loving this product as it is full of great ingredients. I just found that other than the texture, there’s nothing rich about this cream. My skin felt completely matte and dry to touch after using it, but it did feel much smoother. This is why I think that this would work much better for normal skin type definitely not something I’d use as a night treatment. Keep in mind that my skin is extremely dry right now, so maybe that had something to do with it. I love Glossier and this is their first product that left me feeling disappointed.

Vital + Simple Self Practices


To me, practicing self-care means doing things that make you feel good. Things and activities that nourish your mind, body and soul. I think it’s important to remember that practicing self-care isn’t a “quick-fix”. It takes a bit more than a bubble bath and a face mask for feelings of stress and anxiety to go away. With regular self-care practice, you might find those things much easier to deal with though.

If it’s not something you already practice or find it difficult to do, think of self-care as short breaks you give yourself to refocus and restore energy.


  • Meditate (try guided meditation like we do if Freshman Seminar, if you’ve never done it before)
  • Clean up your digital mess- like your email inbox
  • Revise your calendar- Get yourself organised and ready for the day/month/year
  • Edit your social media- unfollow people and accounts that evoke any negative feelings in you
  • Get rid of things you no longer need but hold on to, for no reason (Clothes, paperwork, memorabilia)
  • Have a big clean out session (clean house = clear mind)


  • Go for a run
  • Do take a yoga class
  • Take a nap
  • Treat yourself to your favorite meal and/or dessert
  • Have a long bath


  • Call some close
  • Grab a group of friends and go out for dinner
  • Spend some time alone
  • Make a list of things you’ve accomplished
  • Try journaling, write a story or just about your day
  • Pick up a new book
  • Listen to music (this piece is proven to reduce stress and anxiety)

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” – Audre Lorde


To some, self-care means taking a bath or getting a manicure. To others, it’s eating healthy, getting enough sleep and staying fit. Someone else’s idea of self-care is binge-watching a sitcom and eating ice-cream. Sometimes, it means taking a nap or spending some time alone. To me, self-care is something that helps me stay sane. It’s also something that I had to learn to do, all over again.

I love working and at times I struggle with being unproductive and don’t always know how to “turn off”. I tend to bring homework with me and feel guilty when I go out  with a friend, or “waste” a Saturday by not getting any work done. I noticed that I started to feel anxious about doing things that should bring me joy. It’s almost like feeling guilty for showing yourself some love and kindness.

How to Really get Studying


MIDTERMS, my brain is screaming at my body. But, as I lie in my soft fluffy bed watching YouTube makeup videos, I can’t seem to get myself up and at my desk. After reading a ton of articles about how to get motivated to study I finally dug my way out of layers of blankets and got to work. Instead of you reading a bunch or articles I have made a list and mixed up the best tips I’ve found to help get motivated to study.

师傅领进门,修行在个人 師傅領進門,修行在個人

Teachers open the door, You enter by yourself”

 Prepare your study space

Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. This could be your room, a library, cafe anywhere else that is free from excessive noise and interruptions. Avoid places where you’re likely to run into your friends.

Stock up on study supplies. You know that feeling when you get back from Staples with all your new school supplies and you’re just like YEAH SCHOOL, you want that feeling right now. (And you don’t want to be distracted finding out you need new highlighters but actually going on Sephora to find real highlighters).

Keep a small stash of water and snacks by your side. People are more productive when they’re hydrated and taking steady sips of water will help stave off thirst. Small snacks like peanuts, granola bars or fruit will help keep you energized. Avoid fast food and pastries, These foods will give you a short energy rush that quickly turns into sleepiness.


Remove your distractions. (The hardest part)

Wear comfortable clothing. Little things like having to pull up your jeans can eat away at your concentration. Wear clothes that are familiar, fit loosely, and aren’t too tight on you. Also, if you have long hair, tie it back so it doesn’t get in your face.

PUT YOUR PHONE IN ANOTHER ROOM. as I type this, I can hear my phone ringing and I really want to go downstairs and get it!! But, you don’t want to be taking calls from friends when you’re trying to study.

Turn off your computer. Unless it is absolutely vital to study turn it off.  t’s a minefield of potential distractions. It’s all too easy to tell yourself “I just want to check my e-mail” or “Let me just look at this bit of celebrity gossip.” Before you know it, you’ve wasted a whole hour.

Set study goals

Set concrete goals for your study session. Think in specific, achievable goals instead of generalities. Instead of telling yourself, “I have to get good at math,” think of a specific goal such as, “I will learn how to graph a quadratic equation.” Achieving this goal will make you feel accomplished at the end of your study session.

Reward yourself when you complete a goal. Think of a small way to reward yourself when you’ve met your goal. If you’re in the middle of a study session, you can take a quick walk, eat a granola bar, or listen to a favorite song. If you’ve finished your study session, then feel free to have some fun by playing games, talking to friends, or watching a video.

  • If you decide to reward yourself with a quick break from studying, remember that you will eventually have to get back to work. Set a time limit for your break and don’t listen to the voice in your head saying, “Just a few more minutes.”

Think of what you will achieve by studying. In order to keep up a positive attitude, try to visualize the good things that will come to you by studying. Imagine getting an A on a test,  or receiving praise from your teacher Although studying is sometimes boring and hard, thinking of the end result will keep you pushing ahead.

Hopefully you this inspired you to get up and get studying. good luck!



Great Gifts for$20 or Less

Ah the holiday season. Am extremely stressful but rewarding time if you ask me. Finding a gift that you can afford, but something that the receiver will love is always such a big challenge, (especially when you don’t have much money to spend). To make things easier, I’ve come up with a general list of gifts under $20 that nearly anyone will love.

For the friend that can’t even keep a succulent alive, WEST ELM Felt Cactus, $14

Because every girl could use an upgrade, Victorias Secret Close Front Bralette $20

Google Calender is great and all, but there’s still nothing like putting pen to paper and making your plans feel legit. Leif Marbled Weekly Desk Planner $12

For that very, very busy person. Very Busy Pouch, $14

This nail polish actually contains tiiiny emojis, Urban Outfitters Emoji Nail Polish 3 for $10 1 for $6

This amazing, beautiful little typewriter inspired note writer, Write A Note 2000, $7

Organizing doesn’t have to be boring with these cute little bow clips. Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips, $10

This haute version of a Furby. Faux Fur Keychain Target, $6.39

For the person that can keep the succulents alive! Birch Beer and Bee, Mini Concrete Succulent Planter, $8

Because lip balm in cylindrical containers are boring, Container Store Lip Balm Prism $4.99

Delicious rosé gummy bears. Sugerfina Rose All Day Gummy Bears , $8.50

If your friend cant spring for one of the new iPhone 7’s yet, this is the next best thing. Modcloth Sparkle A Convo iPhone 6/6s Case $9.99

For a gal who likes a nice facemask. Or seven. Fack Mask Kit Birchbox,$20

These look good enough to eat, but don’t be fooled they work better in the bath. Fizz and Bubble 9 Pack Bath Truffle $19

For that girl who loves glitz and glam(also perfect eyelashes) . Tarte Curl Boss Lash Essentials $20

And if you really want to go all out, give your friend 12 beauty gifts because WHY NOT. Ulta 12 days of beauty $17